Revved up, stripped down, revved right the heck back up again! We bring it and leave it right there on the carpet!

Motorama plays revved up rock 'n roll stripped down to the most basic elements of melody, rhythm, volume and intensity. Motorama's sound is exceptionally unique and honest, and has been likened to the Jesus Lizard, Steel Pole Bathtub, Cherubs, the Who, Motorhead, Didjits etc.

"This is great music to experience live. Heavy, fast, and loud, it bursts at the seams with energy and intensity"

Upcoming Motorama gigs!

Saturday, November 12th at Iron Road with Shockload and Gnash Rambler

Saturday, November 19th at Funky Winkerbean's with the Belushis and Black Earth

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recording with Cecil English this fall (2012)

12 songs, here's the lyrics


Radio interview and some songs from our upcoming release at CJSF's Rad Radio -

Interview on The Paltry Sapien by Gaalen Engen on January 30, 2011
be sure and listen to the interview audio clips, they're pretty good

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buy all 3 Motorama releases from McLean Records

Buy the heck out of it sucker!

supercustomspecial available at Amazon and CD Baby

Hey! Motorama's CD "supercustomspecial" for which we're recieving rave reviews and accolades is now available online at CD Baby and Amazon and you can purchase it with your Mom's credit card! So go buy it for your enjoyment and listening pleasure plus it'll help us put out our next one and everybody wants that to happen.

New Videos

pro photographer -tiina -elisabet just posted 3 songs on youtube from our show on Nov. 18 '10:

Review of Motorama in Portland's Weekly

Motorama, Teenage Frames, The Nightmares, The Ones - Friday, November 18th, 2005 at Sabala's at Mount Tabor

[PUNK] Motorama is one of those bands inadvertently trapped between genres -- an occurance that tends to have interesting results.

The Vancouver, BC trio contends that its inspiration comes from heavy, fast and loud noise-rock in the tradition of Jesus Lizard and Cherubs. However, the songs on Motorama's self-released Supercustomspecial sound much more like a meeting of starightforward punk like DOA and the slinking sinister mellow songs of Steel Pole Bathtub than they do a full-bore math-rock assault. But it's these peculiar results that make Motorama far more interesting.

DAVE CLIFFORD Wilamette Week, Portland OR, November 16, 2005

Back from our Spring Tour

we had a great time, spent 3 days in Mexico, 3 days in Vegas a couple a days each in LA, SF, and Portland, usually we're in and out of a city within 24 hours but this time we had a chance to take 'er real easy, see some of the sights, hang out with our friends etc.

check back for a full dissertation of the shiznat that went the heck down


mohawk radio link Vancouver's Music Scene Online

podsafe music network

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buy our CDR "Sex up the Hotrod Baby!" - only $5 including shipping!



Together with you, Motorama is working for a better future. We're taking silicone from faulty breast implants to build computers for the elderly & the old at heart.

Your contribution will not go towards the purchase of automatic firearms, crack, circus midgets, prostitutes, cloning, emulsifying, bee keeping, horse studding, cockfighting, skeet shooting, wine tasting, Yeti research, tornado chasing, Doppler affects, thermal energy detectors or the acquisition of any 3rd world countries

You have our word, thank you for your purchase.

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